Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Wholesale Guidelines

  • No refunds will be given, only replacements will be issued for faulty devices. In the event a replacement is not available within 14 days a credit will be issued.
  • Postage is non refundable only the devices themselves will be credited.
  • Returns will only be accepted for stock flagged for not as described within 14 days of receipt. Please fill out return form provided.
  • Our 3 month warranty is for graded goods and only covers the cost of the repair labour and not the parts.
  • The IMEI must match what we have recorded when we dispatched the handset to you.
  • Any attempt at repair will void your warranty / rights to return. This includes stock that was sold to yourself as faulty.
  • The phone must be returned in the original condition that it was sent to you otherwise this voids your warranty / rights to return.
  • For accessory only orders please note that these are sold as is with no returns.

Before returning your device please check your invoice to confirm which type of grade your purchased and whether it meets the return criteria.

Graded Stock - Fully working devices

Accepted Faults

  • Screen faults (cracked or more than 2 dead pixels)
  • Earpiece and microphone faults
  • Charging port faults
  • Home button faults
  • WiFi faults
  • Speakers
  • Cameras
  • Blocked
  • Locked (if sold Unlocked)

Not Accepted Faults

  • Headphone jack faults
  • Slow iOS
  • Button faults where the button will work 75%+ of the time
  • Battery life below original manufacturers specification. Unless impairs power up and normal functionality.
  • Anything returned pass coded or iCloud locked.

Minor Faults - guaranteed small repair devices

Accepted Faults

  • iCloud locked devices
  • Blacklisted devices
  • Water Damage
  • Boot loop
  • Not Activating
  • Other motherboard faults
  • IC Chip faults
  • Touch ID faults
  • Blocked
  • Locked (if sold Unlocked)

Not Accepted Faults

  • Screen faults
  • Battery faults
  • Button faults
  • Charging port faults
  • Speaker faults
  • Camera faults
  • Earpiece faults
  • Microphone faults

Mixed Faults - Sold as is with limited returns

Accepted Faults

  • iCloud locked devices
  • Blacklisted devices

Not Accepted Faults

  • Water Damage
  • Motherboard faults
  • IC chip faults
  • No Power